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My Measurements Don't Match My Usual Standard Size, What Do I Do?

1- Have you measured yourself correctly? Please take another look at the 'How To Measure Guide' to double check

2- What are you wearing? If you're wearing thick or bulky clothes then it could be increasing your measurements, try measuring yourself in underwear/thinner clothes. Also if you get bloated by the evening, then your measurements could be affected by this, try measuring in the morning instead.

3- Is your tape measure complete? Check your tape measure starts at 0cm/1cm (this has previously been an issue)

4- Is your tape measure accurate? Check your tape measure against a ruler, do the cm lines match up on both?

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How to Measure Side.PNG

How To Measure Guide:

5- Measure the waist band of an item that fits you well and doesn't stretch too much when you wear it. This is the most important measurement in custom sized items. Although our fabric is stretchy, it will have a different level of stretch to other fabrics, so it is important that the garment you measure isn't too stretchy, so it provides an accurate measurement for your waist.

6- If this still is not similar to your usual standard size, please just state what you would expect to be, based on the fit of other standard sized clothing. Examples:
-'My bum is usually a standard size 14, but my waist is small and is a size 12'
-'I am between a 6 and an 8 all over. A 6 is a little small and an 8 is too big, if you could make it in between the two that'd be great!'
-'My bra size is 34E, so my tops usually a 10, but my waist and hips fit an 8'

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