EDGY JAYD is here to bring you the hottest fits to wear to raves, festivals, parties, or whatever you want! All of our garments are designed in house - created to make you stand out from the crowd and feel confident in yourself. EJ creates original garments, bringing you clothing you can't find anywhere else. We cater for all by offering custom sizing as well as the option for you to create your own designs via the 'custom garments' section of the website. When you're wearing EDGY JAYD, you'll feel more confident than ever!

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Hey! I'm Amy, the founder of EDGY JAYD which was launched in Spring 2021. I design and make all the EDGY JAYD garments as well as running the business with support from my mum, who has plenty of experience running her own company.

From a young age, I always wanted to work in the fashion industry, as clothes in high street stores didn't inspire me. When I was around 10 years old, I made little sparkly capes for my pet goats and this began my love of sewing - it's safe to say that my skills have drastically improved since then too! 

I love using fabrics that are unique and different as it makes those who wear them feel confident in themselves. This is important to me as I'm a very strong believer in body confidence. It is also the reason that EDGY JAYD has a broad size range as well as offering custom sizing, so that every shape and size is included. 

I believe fashion should be more sustainable, so my business is as eco-friendly as possible. I do this by sourcing recycled, recyclable or biodegradable materials, from garment fabric through to packaging materials and planting of trees to off-set our carbon footprint (see the Sustainability page for more info).

I am so excited to create clothing for you and I love seeing everyone wearing their EDGY JAYD garments so please tag us on Instagram or TikTok. <3

The EDGY JAYD brand is owned by Amy Lianne Ltd

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If you need any help with sizing, or anything related to EDGY JAYD, don't hesitate to contact us via email - amylianne@edgyjayd.com