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As everything is handmade to order, we are able to make small customisations to garments upon request. For example, turning a dress into a two piece, adding additional length to an item, having the top half of a dress with the bottom half as a playsuit, or one of the items in a different fabric.

We're currently super busy so are unable to offer customisations other than those listed above.

How much does a custom garment cost?
As these are only small changes, there's only additional charges for added length.

PLEASE NOTE: this form needs to be fully completed for your customisation option so we can consider your custom garment request <3
Custom Garment Form

If you chose option 1:

If you chose option 2:

If you chose option 3:


Where are you based?

We'll get back to you ASAP, if you don't receive a reply within 2 working days, check your spam/junk folder

To purchase a custom garment that you have already discussed with me please select the correct price from the options below :)

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