Custom Garments

As everything is handmade to order, we are able to provide custom garments upon request if we aren't too busy. 

Can I have a different colour garment?
If you would like a different colour fabric for garment designs in the 'neon' or 'glow in the dark' range, then yes it is possible. However, the fabric costs will be higher as the fabric will be purchased specially for you in a small quantity. Unfortunately, for our holographic and 'out out' ranges we buy the fabric in rolls, so it is not possible to have different holographic colours.

How much does a custom garment cost?
This is dependent on the amount of fabric used to create the garment of your choice and the time expected to make it.

If you would just like an adaption of an existing garment, the price will only change if a much larger amount of fabric is needed to make it (for example, an increase of 5 inches length on a dress or skirt).

If you are wanting a custom outfit that we don't currently offer, it may be a little more expensive due to the time taken to create your design.

Can I have a different glow in the dark pattern on my garment?
We can easily arrange shapes to a pattern of your choice on the garment. Unfortunately we can't offer different shapes as it is difficult to find specific cutters for this.


Custom Garment Form
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